A Musical Mushroom Dinner

Mushrooms are life after death. In old logs and rotting leaf litter, they bloom and create food. Decay becomes the medium through which decomposers clean up for us and after us, demanding transformation.

This is a meal-concert-experience that considers that nexus between the old and what comes next. There is the flirtation with time in music — the stretching and breaking down of beats — or the beauty of consuming a mushroom, the only way to eat what truly eats us. We celebrate the mushroom as our autumnal symbol of renewal and our ultimately cyclical and regenerative nature.

Fold into yourselves, collapse, expand, and revive as you muse on the mushroom with us.

Location: East Williamsburg, off the Montrose L

Date: Saturday 11/5

7:30 — 8:00: Snacks and a short musical moment

8:00 — 9:30: Four-course Mushroom Dinner

All vegetarian, vegan upon request

Chef: Kate Ray

9:30 — 10:00: Show

Annie Wu, flute

Markus Kaitila, piano

Selections for flute and piano by Gubaidulina, Lancino, Sancan, Schumann, Schubert, and Gluck. Presented in reverse chronological order, we are going back in time but simultaneously increasing in exuberance and life: a way we might approach beginnings, ends, and their mysterious cycles.


This is a limited seating event, so please RSVP by Friday, Oct 14th. Email to secure your spot and let us know if you'd prefer a vegan menu.

A suggested donation of $30 (venmo: @anniewuflute) would help to cover our costs; any more would help us work on a future event! If that feels stressful right now, or if you're contributing in another way, don't worry about it. If you'd like, you can bring a beverage to share — beer, wine, and kombucha are all fungi at heart!


Kate & Annie